Some Common Mistakes you should avoid during Work from Home


COVID -19 Pandemic has left us with no option but to follow the work from home option amid the global health crisis. As most of the companies now adopted the concept of work from home so the chances are high that employees make several mistakes and it hampers the productivity of the work. We want to help you in this situation and give you the right direction and will share with you some common mistakes you should avoid while working from home.

Using a weak Wi-Fi

if you are using a weak wifi connection it will disrupt and hamper your work productivity .every critical meeting will be delayed and it affects your work efficiency

Not using a VPN service

It will charge you some extra fee but will provide you an extra layer of security for your work VPN comes in handy when you are exchanging your confidential information over a network. So it is recommended that you use VPN service to protect your home internet connection from all kind of theft activities.

Not locking your office laptop when away

This is a common habit of people when they go outside or away from system they leave their device unlocked .if there are children at home they can either delete your work or they can save changes to your work . So always remember to lock your system while you are away for any reason.

Never reveal your work from home details on social sites

While doing chatting with somebody or commenting on social media never reveal or discuss or post regarding work from home these things may not be appreciated on social media.

Avoid using same browser for official work and personal stuff

If you are using same browser for surfing to internet for private stuff and for official work it will create an embarrassing situation for you because in many organizations IT teams keeps tab on the information relieved and received from an official system. This will put you in an embarrassing situation.

Avoid Keeping your personal data on office Laptop

It is important for you that you do not store your personal data on your office laptop. Sometimes you have to submit your laptop to IT department and get a new one for you. By keeping information in the office laptop it will get leaked in your office. So if it’s necessary to keep your personal data on same laptop please place it in the separate folder and mark it as your personal folder.

Avoid sharing your office laptop with your family members

Never share your office laptop with your family members for any reason. Because there are important files of office kept in your office laptop. If you get your office laptop loaded with the work of your family members as well this will hamper your system efficiency. Sometimes you will also get a penalty for doing such kind of things.

Never save your official work on your personal Google drive/Email

It is recommended that you keep your official documents separately rather than saving it in your google drive or Email to prevent data leaks these kinds of things can lead to serious threat to the confidentiality of your organization.

Always set up a dedicated workplace

When you are working from home it is not a easy task with kids. So it is mandatory that you select a dedicated place for your office work which is free from distractions of TV or Kids. Always avoid eating or drinking on the working desk and try to get kids away from your working place.

Always keep a track record of your work

Sometimes employees do not make a track record of their work, so the productivity of work gets hampered. It leads to delayed deadlines so always keep a track record of your work so that you work and stay productive.

Always take care of your health

When your keep on working for hours sitting at one place it is quite unhealthy for your body. Always eat healthy and take a 15 minutes’ walk in between 2 hours of work. Keep on working and sitting at one place can be very unhealthy for your body. You should take care of yourself

Stay Healthy, Eat Healthy, and Stay Productive!

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