Best 2 tonne air conditioner for enormous living rooms

2 tonn ac

A 2 ton Ac is best suited for large living rooms. If your room size is bigger and the temperature is beyond 47 degrees or the room is facing the direct sunlight then it’s better to go with the 2 ton air conditioner for the perfect cooling of the home. Before buying the best one for your room consider the technology factor, the energy efficient feature and the star rating. Let’s discuss the best 2 ton air conditioner available in India.

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Best 2 ton Ac available in India

1. Panasonic- Panasonic Wi-Fi split Ac with inverter compressor has variable speed inverter which adjusts power depending on the heat load.  It is the most energy efficient and has lowest noise operation. It has seamless hands free operation and voice control with Alexa and Google assistant. It is suitable for large sized rooms and equipped with powerful and dry mode for different cooling needs. It has 3 star energy rating and 1 year comprehensive warranty and 10 years warranty on compressor. It ahs copper coil with shield blu technology. This anti corrosion blue fin technology enhances the durability in high humidity coastal areas.

2. Voltas- The variable speed compressor in Voltas split AC with inverter compressor technology regulates power dependent on the heat load. It is convertible/adjustable by remote control with four cooling modes to perform in different tonnages for varying cooling demands. It is best suited for large areas. It has a three-star energy rating with a yearly energy usage of around 6000 units. It comes with a one-year equipment warranty and a ten-year inverter compressor warranty. It contains a copper condenser coil for improved cooling, requires less maintenance, and is rust and corrosion resistant. It improves durability and offers continuous cooling. It has special features like Anti dust, auto restart, large led display, turbo mode, Dual temp display, self diagnosis and adjustable cooling.

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3. Carrier – This split AC with flexi cool inverter technology includes a variable speed compressor that adjusts power based on heat load and 4 in 1 inverter technology that allows the user to raise and decrease cooling capacity while saving 50% of energy usage. It is appropriate for large rooms. It has a condenser coil made of 100% copper with aqua clear protection. This prevents rust and corrosion and requires little maintenance. It comes with a 10-year compressor guarantee, a 5-year PCB warranty, and a 1-year product warranty.

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4. Blue star- this split Ac with inverter compressor has variable speed which adjusts power according to the heat load. It has 10 years warranty on inverter compressor and 5 years warranty on PCB. It has copper condenser coil which requires low maintenance and provides better cooling. It has special features like 4 in 1 convertible cooling mode, turbo cool, comfort sleep and self diagnosis, dust filter.

5. Hitachi – Hitachi Ac are designed to keep you cool and work efficiently up to 52 degree Celsius penta sensor. Its intelligent penta sensor  technology with its advanced micro controller  offers perfect cooling  even in extreme summer conditions , it optimizes the cooling in load variation and protects  critical component of the ac it ahs variable speed compressor which adjusts power depending on load. It has 3 star energy rating. It has 1 year warranty on Ac and 10 years on compressor and 5 years on controller. It has copper condenser coil which provides better cooling and requires less maintenance.

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6. Samsung- Samsung split AC with compressor is the most energy efficient and produces the least noise. It offers a three-star energy rating and unique features like as wifi management via the smart things app, auto mode and rapid cool, fan mode, and a filter cleaning indication. This air conditioner uses R 32 refrigerant, which helps to preserve the ozone layer and has a minimal global warming effect. It comes with a one-year standard warranty and a ten-year compressor guarantee.

7. LG- This is a 2 ton hot and cold split air conditioner with a four-way swing and an inverter compressor. It has a three-star energy rating with a 12-month usage of 1296 units. It comes with a one-year comprehensive guarantee and a ten-year warranty. It has a gold fin condenser, which ensures greater corrosion resistance and extends the heat exchange’s endurance for a considerably longer amount of time. Its dual filtration technology guarantees that your home’s air is clear of hazardous particles. It features a laminar flow design that provides consistent air flow and ventilation throughout the space.

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