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Are you confused while buying a new cooling mattress for you in this summer season well we will help you to choose the best. There are lots of things you have to keep in mind while purchasing a perfect mattress for your home. You definitely deserve a good sleep after working hard till evening if you are facing a backache when you get up in the morning i think you have picked the wrong mattress because best mattress allows you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated to take up the challenges in the day.

Features of a Good Mattress Shop@Amazon

1. Size- All mattress are now coming in six conventional sizes like Twin,TwinXl, double, Full double , Queen, King. You have to pick the correct size according to your requirements.

2. Material-Material plays a great role in choosing a mattress. Low quality material will not last longer so choose one with best and quality material.

3. warranty- warranty is a great feature to consider while buying as best mattresses generally comes with the warranty of 10 years replacement or repair warranty the longer guarantee means more durable the mattress for you.

4. Brand value- choose mattress from a good brand and check the online reviews of the customers before buying one

5. Firmness – you have to check the firmness preference in a mattress some people prefer softer mattresses some prefer firmer beds so choose according to your preference and according to your sleep position and body weight.

How cooling technology works in Mattress

Some advanced beds use temperature regulating materials such as gels and memory foams which draws the heat away from you for a cooler sleep. Our body temperature remains lower all night and it improves our comfort levels and sleep quality.

Top Picks in Cooling Mattress

1. Smart Luxe mattress-The sleep CompanyCheck price at Amazon

The most luxurious mattress designed for the cosiest sleep and luxurious cloud like comfort

Smart Grid technology- it is coming with smart Grid technology the only mattress that intelligently adapts to your body shape. Patented SmartGRID is SOFT where you need comfort and FIRM where you need support – so best of both worlds.

Cooling Comfort- it has 2500 air channels which neutral technology to keep you cool and comfy and coming with cotton viscose cover which ensures softness and cool touch.

Super Soft and durable- it is super soft and durable with the patented Japanese smart grid technology it is crafted with multiple layers  and each layer is designed to provide support and ultimate comfort. it will remain in its shape and without sinking  crumbling or collapsing even after 10 years of use.

2. Sleepy cat Ultima MattressCheck price at Amazon

Ultima mattress supports your body and deep touch pressure technology with CoolTEC fabric will provide you good sleep during night.

Cooltech Fabric- Ultima uses thermo control technology woven in to fabric to create CoolTEC  Fabric developed in Sleepycat labs  which draws away heat from your body  and keep you cooler approximately at 4 degree it stays cool even as it ages.

DeepTouch pressure technology- Deep touch technology in ultima uses the science of support waves for ultimate pressure relief from head to toe. The three layers of foam work as one and will provide you best pressure relief in 7 Pressure Zones from head to toe.

Side and back sleepers-Ultima is ideal foe side and back sleepers  it supports your body and top memory foam layer is wave like pattern which provide support to whole body while sleeping.

Zero disturbance-it is having open cell memory form which will not disturb your sleep with the movement next to you it gives you a feeling of sleep undisturbed without the feeling even the slightest movement.

3. Sleepyhead Sense cooling-Check price at Amazon

it is a mattress made with technology approved by NASA Three Zoned orthopaedic support and responsive memory foam and called as sleepyhead sense. Luxury mattress refreshes your spine and keeps you cool with temperature regulating phase Change cooling (PCM) Foam


1. It has breathable fabric which dries quickly and resists pilling and abrasion

2. PCM Foam –it is designed to absorb body heat so you can sleep comfortable whole night.

3. Responsive memory foam- it gives your body remarkable support and mould according to body shape.

4. 3 Zoned orthopaedic support foam-it provides your spine and whole body different levels of support

4. Sleepx Ortho cool Gel Plus quilted memory foam mattress-Check price at Amazon

Sleepx ortho cool is best buy in hot summers as its ortho cool gel memory foam is the best memory foam mattress in India with cooling beads that give you a serene sleep.


1. it come with ortho foam technology for enhanced back support.

2. its cool memory foam reduces uncomfortable humidity

3. it will provide better hygiene and  freshness

4. it is best budgeted mattress to buy

5. Wakefit orthopaedic memory foam mattressCheck Price at Amazon

Wake fit orthopaedic memory foam is best buy comes with 10 years manufactures warranty. It will keep your spine in good shape supports all parts of your body available in wide range of sizes


1. It comes with next gen memory foam which adapts the shape of your body and you can relax at your bedtime

2. It comes with & pressure zone layer which keeps you cool by enabling air circulation and provide our body the targeted support

3. A firm base for the mattress which gives your body the adequate support

You can make trail of it for 100 nights and can return it if not satisfied with quality. it comes with 10 Years warranty.

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