How to withdraw PF balance without UAN? Check step by step process here


Everyone goes through though days and tough days require money to survive. All the companies ask their employees to fill a PF account if they are new, but if they already have an account they can simply give in the PF account number and continue using the same account. Consider the possibility that you need to PF because of some…

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Air contamination and environmental change are worldwide dangers in 2019: WHO


This year, the United Nations Climate Summit in September will plan to reinforce climatic actions and desire around the world. Regardless of whether every one of the responsibilities made by nations for the Paris Agreement is accomplished, the world is still on a course to warm by more than 3°C this century. An inside issue Air contamination, the report states,…

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Google may break advertising blockers with future Chrome change


A Google plan to enhance the Chrome web browser has triggered an explosion of concern that it’ll also cripple extensions designed to block ads, improve privacy and protect against security problems. Google’s proposed approach would torpedo ad blocker uBlock Origin, JavaScript software blocker NoScript, privacy and password manager Privowny, tracker blocker Ghostery and a malware blocker from F-Secure, according to…

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