Do You Love Bananas a lot? Here’s why you should control eating it


Bananas are an extraordinary nibble sustenance. They come splendidly bundled in a solitary serving size. They taste great crude, cooked, in bread or over oat. They have a ton of extraordinary healthy benefit.

Be that as it may, bananas can be no picnic for your body. Eating bananas accompanies dangers to your heart and midsection line. There are even normally endorsed drugs that you ought to never take and after that eat bananas. Bananas can even reason serious unfavourably susceptible responses.

Indeed, you may never eat another banana in the wake of perusing this.

Not a Great Diet Food

Bananas have bunches of good supplements yet they are not eating fewer carbs nourishment. Bananas are higher in calories than different natural products – at around 105 calories – and they have less fiber, so you won’t feel full as long.

A banana may be a decent bite, yet for calorie counters, there are better tidbits out there. They are mid-level on the glycemic list, so diabetics might need to keep away from them.

What’s more, you most likely would prefer not to eat a great deal of bananas at any rate!


In the event that you have hypersensitivities to matured cheeses like blue cheddar or parmesan, you may have an affectability to tyramine. Tyramine is normally found in protein-rich nourishments.

On the off chance that you do eat bananas, ensure that each stringy fiber is evacuated. Banana strips are higher in tyramine and are a nibble in a few nations. In the event that you travel, know about banana strips in your suppers!

Bananas are brimming with potassium and that is useful for your heart, isn’t that so? Peruse on

An excessive amount of Potassium

Bananas are useful for your heart in little portions. In the event that you eat such a large number of bananas, you can create hyperkalaemia. This implies you have excessively potassium in your blood.

Hyperkalaemia can prompt sporadic heartbeat, muscle shortcoming, and transitory loss of motion. A great many people won’t eat enough bananas to get to hyperkalaemia. On the off chance that you have kidney illness to different infections that accompany a raised potassium blood level or you are taking potassium supplements, you might be in danger.

Not a Good Breakfast

In the event that you feel drowsy after your morning banana, you are feeling the impacts of tryptophan. This is in charge of the after-turkey supper sleepiness.

Tryptophan backs off mental procedures and response time. Include the muscle unwinding from all the magnesium in bananas and you have a remedy for an extraordinary snooze.

Attempt a banana at sleep time rather than on your morning oat.

Make a point to brush our teeth thereafter, however. Bananas can be no picnic for your teet

Bananas and Tooth Decay

Bananas can be exceptionally solid for teeth. The calcium and nutrient D make for more grounded bones and polish.

The issue originates from giving the starch and sugars a chance to remain on your teeth for quite a while. Eating a great deal of bananas can briefly change the pH level in your mouth and this can disintegrate veneer.

Eat a banana yet ensure you brush your teeth a short time later to abstain from harming your teeth! Be that as it may, don’t give bananas a chance to drive you insane.

Nerve Damage

On the off chance that you eat such a large number of bananas and are taking a ton of nutrient B6, you can harm your nerves. You have to take in excess of 500 milligrams of B6 to achieve that dimension.

You’d practically need to eat a whole bundle of bananas in a single sitting, however on the off chance that you are a banana-phile, it could occur.


Individuals can be oversensitive to bananas. On the off chance that you have ragweed sensitivities, you are most likely adversely affected by bananas. Simply taking care of them can expedite side effects.

On the off chance that you can’t eat avocados, kiwi organic product, tomatoes, ringer pepper or potatoes without getting an irritated mouth or wheezing, you ought to eat bananas either.

Bananas contain proteins that are fundamentally the same as common latex. On the off chance that you are touchy to latex, you could be delicate to bananas also.

Bananas May Not be Safe for Babies

A dangerous piece of hypersensitivities is anaphylactic stun. It is a conceivably lethal condition and requires quick crisis care.

On the off chance that you are preparing to acquaint natural product with your baby’s eating regimen, go simple on the bananas. On the off chance that your infant (or you) experience difficulty breathing and get dizzy in the wake of eating a banana (or any sustenance or medicine), get help quickly.

Stomach Aches

Get a stomach hurt after a banana? There are a few potential purposes behind this. Ensure your bananas are ready. Unripe bananas are boring, and your body needs to strive to process that much starch.

Stomach hurts after a ready banana can show a sensitivity. It might likewise be from a gastrointestinal issue or disease.

Bananas Have Serious Drug Interactions

The FDA records four classes of medications that you would prefer not to blend with bananas.

Beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors are frequently recommended for heart patients. They cause a flood of potassium in the circulation system. Eating bananas can prompt hyperkalaemia.

Oxazolidineantibacterial and bananas can perilously build your circulatory strain.

Diuretics enable you to expel water, sodium and chloride from your body. They are regularly endorsed for the core of liver issues. Blending these with bananas can cause hyperkalaemia.

Bananas can be a pleasant bite. Simply remember the threats of eating bananas or encouraging bananas to new-born children.

Try not to rely upon bananas to enable you to get more fit. Continuously converse with your specialist on the off chance that you are taking one of the medications on the cooperation list. Furthermore, whatever you do, don’t eat such a large number of bananas! Your body won’t thank you and you may finish up with a stomach throb or even a trek to the ER.

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