5 Easy and healthy snacks kids will love eating


Kids are snack lovers and eats whole day snacks. in this article we will share those recipe which even kids will enjoy eating and healthy as well

1. Banana Pancake– it is super tasty and easy . just mash bananas well in a pan and after that whisk eggs in a bowl and combined it well.  Heat a non stick pan with low medium heat and pour some portion of barter in it  just cook until it has bubbles and flip it another side just cook it for 2 minutes more and thats it banana pancake is ready you can pour honey on top of it and eat it.

2. Peanut butter and banana smoothie– it’s a satisfying one and your kids will love it. Just cut some banans in to pieces and add 2 tablespoons of peanut butter in it put all the ingredients in to a mixer and make it a smooth mixture . it is having goodness of banana and peanut butter so it is healthy as well as tasty.

3. Vegetable sandwiches- you can make veg sandwiches and your kids will love it . you can add corn capsicum onion and tomato and  cucumber in that sandwich. You can also add a cheese slice if your kid like it these recipes are too easy that your kids can make them himself.

4. Apple Donuts- just cut apples in to round slices and make a hole in between. Place cream cheese on top of that you can add food colouring to make colourful donuts you can sprinkle different icing on it to make colourful and tasty donuts.

5. Nut butter dip serving with fruits- you can combine nuts butter and yogurt and make a tasty dip which your kids will like so much you can eat it with carrots  apples . you can use greek yogurt as it is having good flavour and can add any nut butter like peanut butter, Almond butter, cashew butter , Hazelnut butter , pistachio butter and can serve it to your loved kids they will love it

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