Don’t Just be a Leader, Be a Great one


T.E.A.M.W.O.R.K can let you achieve anything, the key is to make your Team Work together.

If you want to be a great leader then before leading your team you have to monitor and lead yourself.if you are satisfied with yourself and ready to take the responsibility of your team then you are off to a good start.

Now being a leader doesn’t only mean passing on orders to your team and waiting for them to do the work, but you have to work as hard as they do and even harder than your team in some situations. While you will be getting praises when your team achieves a target under your supervision, be ready to also be held responsible in case one of your team member messes up.

How do you become a good leader?

  • Be emotionally strong- Don’t let your emotions come in the way of your decision making. If you have problems at home then don’t bring them to your office or vice versa. You should learn how to control your emotions and understanding others’ emotions as well.
  • Know your duties- You must be aware of your duties and responsibilities. If you being a leader are careless and not disciplined then your teammates will not take you seriously and you would end up being a leader without leadership skills.
  • Have a positive attitude- React positively in every situation, see good in everyone, this will not only make you a good leader but a good person too, Try to bring out the best in everyone and make them believe that they have the ability to perform better than themselves.
  • Consider your teammates as assets rather than a responsibility- If you think that you are the only one who has to take responsibility of everything and your teammates are a burden, then you will never be able to achieve a common goal. Consider your teammates as assets rather than thinking of them as liabilities.
  • Assign tasks to everyone- Provide useful tasks to every team member so that they also get the sense of responsibility and can feel like a leader themselves. Providing meaningless tasks to your team members might make them feel useless and degrade their self-worth.
  • Be flexible- Don’t think that you are a leader and if you work like the other members on team then it will affect your persona, be adaptive to changes, when the situation demands be ready to put all your efforts in the given task even if it makes you look a little less than a boss.
  • Always have faith in your team- A team without trust and faith amongst its members is just a bunch of people working together without any attachment to each other. No matter what the situation is, a leader should never lose faith in his/her teammates.
  • Appreciate teamwork- If one thinks that he can do all the work by himself and he doesn’t the need the whole team for that, then he is never going to be as much effective as the whole team would be. A leader should always encourage teamwork and put emphasis on working together.
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