During the winter change your home decor to attract positivity


When a new season arrives, everyone is excited to change their home decor to welcome in new vibes. People generally prefer to create a homey and cosy atmosphere during the winter.

To bring positivity into your home, keep these Vastu rules in mind as you change your home’s decor to welcome the winter season.

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Let us know about any rules that an expert has suggested you follow when changing the decor during the cold season.

Decorating Guidelines

It is recommended that you place posters in the south direction when decorating your home for the new season. This is thought to bring a sense of warmth into your home and life. You could also hang posters of a flame or a fireplace, for example.

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If you want to install a fireplace to keep your home warm, you should look in the central or southeast directions. This opens the door for positivity to enter the home.

Plants should be kept in the lobby or drawing room

During the winter, things can become gloomy and negative. People prefer to stay indoors most of the time, and plants are thought to bring positivity into your home and eliminate negativity.

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As a result, the expert advises keeping as many natural plants as possible in your home’s lobby or drawing room. They are also thought to boost your mood. Cactus, bonsai, and milky plants, such as the rubber plant, should be avoided. You can also keep artificial plants to brighten the space, though natural plants are preferred.

Furniture Changes

If you want to change the furniture, use as much wooden furniture as possible in the house. There are two reasons for this: one is that it is neither cold nor hot according to the season, and the other is the positivity it brings into the house.

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Carpet Vastu Rules                                                                                                                                   

Including a carpet in your home decor helps to keep things warm. However, keep in mind that it is critical to maintain it and ensure that dust and bacteria do not accumulate in it, as this is considered extremely negative by Vastu. This can also cause health problems for the people living in the house.

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