Everything You should know about Jio Motive for vehicle owners


Jio has introduced JioMotive, an advanced On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) gadget that aims to maintain your car and you safe, smart, and connected. This device turns your car into a hub of high-tech features and can be purchased online for ₹4,999 from JioMart or Reliance Digital.

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What is the purpose of an OBD device?

In essence, an OBD device is your car’s health monitor. It uses the vehicle’s self-diagnostic features to gather data in real time about performance and possible problems. This intelligent system can guarantee smooth operation of your vehicle, prevent expensive repairs, and improve maintenance.

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What are the main characteristics of JioMotive?

With the help of JioMotive, your car can become a smart vehicle with a variety of convenient and safe features. You can use geo-fencing to make sure you always know where your car is at all times. You can set boundaries for your car and get alerts when it crosses them. By tracking the engine temperature and battery voltage, the device keeps an eye on the health of your car and helps you avoid expensive repairs.

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By monitoring your driving habits and warning you when you overspeed or apply severe braking, it also encourages safer driving. When securing your car during certain hours, the “time fencing” feature comes in handy because it can notify you if your car starts or moves unexpectedly.

JioMotive takes security very seriously. If it detects an accident or if your car is being towed, it instantly notifies you. An alert is triggered even if there are attempts to remove or tamper with the device, enabling prompt action.

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JioMotive has an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot that enables multiple devices to connect to the internet at once for connectivity while on the go. This feature makes long trips more enjoyable by ensuring that the driver and passengers stay connected.

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