Vastu Kitchen Attraction tips to Draw Money


In order to ensure that there is positive energy within the house, vastu refers to the proper orientation of spaces, wall colors, and room shapes. Given that you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it is one of the most important rooms in your house.

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We got in touch with Vastu Expert and Astrologer Kusum Dogra to help you make positive space, attract money, and correct the vastu dosh of the kitchen. You can use the advice she gave you for your kitchen.

“Mars is a fiery planet, and since the kitchen is a fiery space, the Lord of the South controls it,” the woman remarked. Other items linked to Mars and fire include gas, knives, forks, utensils, and spices. She continued, “The kitchen must therefore face southeast.”

Dos For Kitchen According To Vastu

The kitchen can also be constructed in a north-westerly orientation. Nonetheless, the stove should be installed facing southeast.

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The kitchen door should be facing either north or east. Because the sun rises in the east, this direction is associated with prosperity.

When using a stove, the person cooking in the kitchen should be facing east. A person facing west may be more susceptible to health issues.

The kitchen’s windows ought to open toward the east or the west. For energy to enter and exit the house, this is the perfect state.

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The gas cylinder should be kept facing southeast. If it’s empty, though, you ought to keep it pointed southwest.

Essential commodities such as grains, pulses, and spices should face either south or west. It is recommended that the cabinets be positioned with their backs to the south or west.

A pitcher or water filter should be installed facing northeast.

The refrigerator should be positioned facing south, southeast, north, or west.

Dogra, a Vastu expert, advised against installing the kitchen in front of the house temple. Additionally, you ought to refrain from placing it directly below or above the “pooja room.” This is due to the fact that among many other things we do in the kitchen, we work with fire and cut fruits, vegetables, and meat

It is also not a good idea to build the kitchen directly above or below the bedroom.

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The kitchen should never be built next to the restroom. “The energies in your food and drinks will be destroyed by it.”

According to vastu, facing north is unlucky, so the kitchen should not face that direction. According to Hinduism, it is Kuber’s (the God of Wealth’s) direction. Dogra continued, “Mars has a conflict with this direction.” It may raise the likelihood of exorbitant costs.

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The kitchen should not be facing south-west as this can lead to domestic disputes. It might have a negative effect on your family. One should avoid facing south because this can lead to financial difficulties

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