Five brilliant rules of purchasing a home according to Vastu


Everyone wishes to purchase a house that brings satisfaction, harmony and positive vibes while living in it. It is trusted that a home that conforms to Vastu Shastra standards conveys favourable luck to its tenants. Vastu is tied in with fitting the ideas of designing, optics, acoustics and otherworldliness. Given underneath are five essential decides that home searchers can check, to determine if the property they mean to purchase complies with the fundamental Vastu standards.

Rule No. 1: The course of the plot and development should confront north or east

Rakesh Patekar, venture head, Elysium Abodes, calls attention to that a few headings have positive effects, while others may negatively affect the inhabitants of the house. “As per Vastu, east and north-bound plots are suitable for the development of homes. Care ought to be taken while planning houses confronting west or south heading,” includes Patekar.

Rule No. 2: The state of the plot ought to be square or rectangular

Specialists recommend that the state of the plot, on which the house is developed, ought to be square or rectangular, confronting decisively on the four cardinal bearings. Preferably, the proportion between the length and the expansiveness of the structure ought to be 1:1 or 1:1.5 or the most extreme up to 1:2. “Home purchasers must keep away from plots whose shape is sporadic, oval, round, triangular, or if any of the corners in the north, east, south or west are absent. A plot with four corners and in a square shape is ideal, subject to consistency with different standards of Vastu,” clarifies VikashSethi, CEO and originator,

Rule No. 3: Shape of the structure/structure ought to agree to Vastu standards

The ‘Shermukhi’ and ‘Gaumukhi’ shapes are given significance in Vastu, because these shapes choose the general success and prosperity of detainees present in a property. A ‘Gaumukhi’ shape is thin at the purpose of passage and wide at the back, while a ‘Shermukhi’ shape is expansive at the passageway and limited at the back. Gaumukhi is viewed as useful for lodging reason, while Shermukhi is appropriate for business properties. So also, broadened corners (aside from on the north-east) are not considered as reasonable for private properties.

Rule No.4: Interiors and hues for a house, according to Vastu standards

Dim hues, for example, dark transmit negative vitality. Consequently, attempting to maintain a strategic distance from dark shades in your home’s dividers, furniture, floors, and so forth. Light tones, for example, pink, yellow, orange, and so forth.Transmit positive vitality and can be utilised in the home insides, according to the bearing of the built territory. For instance, orange shading is reasonable for the feasting territory and cream shading for the main room (in the south-west).

Rule No. 5: Placement of items in the house

  • Patekar includes, “There are not many principles under Vastu with regards to the situation of furniture things/objects:
  • The bed ought to dependably be kept in the south-west bearing of the room.
  • Shoe racks ought to likewise be put in the south-west bearing.
  • The eating table ought to dependably be introduced in the north-west piece of the lounge area.
  • While considering, youngsters should confront the north heading.”

Home purchasers ought to likewise consider the situation of zones like kitchens, toilets, staircase and the primary entryway, which ought not to be in the south/south-west course. At long last, property searchers ought to guarantee that there is appropriate amicability between the five components, to determine the constructive outcomes of Vastu.

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