Full refund and free meals on delayed flight and more: Govt has set new passenger rules!


As stated by the new passenger rule, if a domestic passenger cancels his or her flight, then the passenger must receive the refund for user development, statutory taxes, and passenger service fees which are levied on the cancelled tickets by the airlines.

On Wednesday, Civil Aviation Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu released a “passenger charter” statement mentioning the air travellers right in our country.

According to the new charter there some changes in the charges incurred by passengers when they cancel their domestic air ticket or reschedule their flight.

Having said that, these changes will be amended only when the flight is cancelled for any reason or delayed by the airlines itself due to some concern.

As per the new charter, if a flight gets delayed for more than 4 hours, then it will be the responsibility of the airline to arrange for free refreshments and meals. But, if the flight gets delayed by 6 hours and beyond or if it gets cancelled, then the airline should arrange for free hotel accommodation.

If the flight gets delayed by more than 6 hours, then the airline will have to inform all the passengers about the delay at least 24 hours prior than the original departure time that has been scheduled.

If the airline is cancelling a flight, then the airline must inform the passengers at least two week earlier from the date of scheduled flight and time. They will either must arrange for a flight or arrange for a refund. And if the passenger misses a connecting flight in between on the same ticket, then the airlines must provide a compensation of up to Rs. 10,000.

If an overbooking is done, then the airline must provide a different flight which is scheduled to be departed within an hour from the time the original flight will be getting departed. If not, then the airline will have to provide the passenger with a refund.

Another rule that has also been mentioned is that if the traveller has cancelled his or her ticket, then he has the right to get the refund for user development, statutory taxes, and also the passenger services fees as well. But, for the international flights the decision will be totally dependent upon the airline.

Another charter that has been issued is in case a passenger dies because of the flight’s fault or suffers from an injury, then the airline they were travelling from will be liable to pay Rs 20 lakhs.

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