High Protein diet –How to maintain a high protein diet and its benefits


High protein diet basically includes large quantity of protein and least quantity of carbohydrates. If you want to lose weight you have to eat a high protein diet which will make your stomach full and you will definitely consume fewer calories. Choosing a right kind of high protein diet is required to if you want maximum benefit from it. Some foods are full of proteins like Eggs, chicken, Beans, nuts  peanuts, Almonds, fish, chickpeas, some dairy products like milk cheese, and Green vegetables.

If you want to take a high protein diet you have to avoid some products like refined sugar, baked products ,processed foods

Benefits of high protein diet

1. it will help in weight loss. It will definitely reduce your hunger and thus would be helpful in consuming fewer calories.

2. it will increase your muscle strength and would give your body a decent healthy look.

3. it will help your body in repairing bones skin hair.

4. When you consume a high protein diet it will reduce your late night cravings for snack.

5. it will increase your metabolism and increase fat burning.

Requirement of a high protein diet

1. You have to plan your meals around protein and include protein in every meal  like you can add chicken or fish and fill rest of the plate with vegetables.

2. you have to skip carbohydrates like you have to avoid eating bread , white pasta, refined grains and include grains high in protein .

3. you have to eat high protein snack like almonds, Greek yogurt.

4. you have to start your day with protein foods like eggs and smoothies of pea proteins powder.

Risks of high protein diet

1. it is lacking in dietary fibre which leads to constipation. A high protein diet can accelerate kidney damage in people who have kidney diseases

2. Sometimes your  body converts excess protein to glucose which will increase your blood sugar level which is not good for diabetic patient.

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