Google Meet-Step by Step process of using Google meet on Laptop or desktop

Anyone Who has a Google account can create a video meeting through Google meet and can invite 100 participants in that meeting up to 60 minutes time limit. It has many features. You can share your screen you can schedule and can do real time captioning for free with it We can say that it can give a tough competition to Zoom video conferencing service. Google meet is available on Android and IOS  devices. Users can easily do their video calls.

Steps to Use Google Meet

1. First of all login to your Google account on Google chrome or safari.

2. Now Click on Google meet.

3. You can start a new meeting by clicking on new meeting option.

4. When you click on new meeting option and if you are host of that meeting you have to pick one option out of the three options given. Create a new meeting or start an instant meeting or Schedule a Google calendar

5. If you want to create a new meeting but later on then click on new meeting for later and save all the details of meeting and send them to people whom you want that meeting to attend.

6. If you want to start your meeting instantly click on start an instant meeting.

7. If you want to start a meeting but after a few days time then you can schedule a meeting on your Google calendar  

Here you can send invitations  and mark the calendars of people who will be the participant of that meeting in future and added to your Google calendar schedule.

8. If you want to join an existing meeting organised by others you have to enter the meeting code of that meeting on the space provided at the home page and after that click on join button.

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