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We may argue that Vaastu Shastra has existed since the dawn of humanity since it is a custom that has long been followed in India. The atmosphere of a location may be altered by carefully choosing the direction and positioning of specific things in a home. Check out a few items that help encourage cheerfulness at home.

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  • Peacock Feather-You must have observed peacock feathers whenever you visited your friends, family, or relatives. This is due to the fact that Vaastu considers keeping it in the house lucky because of the way its brilliant colors inspire happiness and stand for spirituality and harmony. Lord Krishna usually wore peacock feathers on his head for this reason.
  • Shree Yantra or Shree Chakra-Hinduism features a sacred and auspicious geometric-shaped object called a yantra that, when positioned correctly and exactly, is said to have a significant effect. Basically, this component is used when there is a financial problem. Shree Yantra is thought to bring luck and prosperity to your home, but you must be careful where you install it; the best direction is east.

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  • Money Plant- Whether you believe me or not, this plant may be found in practically every Indian home. This is due to the fact that this plant is regarded as a fantastic source of luck and good fortune. In addition, a money plant is said to bring prosperity, as its name indicates. It should preferably be positioned in the south-east or at the north entrance of the home, according Vaastu principles.
  • Wind chimes-This component can be found in every home owned by Generation Z and 90s children. People have the view that the peaceful music cleanses and infuses the home with positive energy. They may be put anywhere, but the entryway is a good spot to put them.
  • Idols of God/Goddess- In Hinduism, idol worship is significant because people worship their gods as idols. In general, it is lucky to maintain idols of any deity in your house, however there are several types of idols you shouldn’t. This comprises hostile deity statues like Maa Kali, statues constructed of iron or metal, and statues with their backs to one another. These are all sources of unfavorable energy. Keep in mind the orientation when arranging the remaining items; for example, make sure that no idol faces south.
  • Statue of Lord Buddha-He reflects serenity in every way. Eventually, calm and adorability may be found in your life if you keep his statue at home. Negative energy is said to be banished by these sculptures. The statue should be positioned with its best face toward the east.

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