How to file an online complaint with RBI’s Banking Ombudsman?


The Banking Ombudsman Scheme of RBI was formed the year 2006 to let people file their disputes in the form of complaints to resolve any kind of banking of banking problems that they have faced. The main agenda of this scheme to resolve the complaints related to banks and provide a satisfaction in favour of these complaints.

Basically, the Banking Ombudsman is a highly qualified person who gets appointed by the Reserve Bank of India.

All the regional banks, public sector banks, commercial, and nationalised banks are all over covered under this scheme. SBI has set up a dedicated system as well to address customers complaints online. There are total 15 Banking Ombudsmen who have been delegated and they are mostly based in the State capitals.

When to approach Banking Ombudsman?

  • If you have not received any reply from your bank regarding your complaint within a month from the date of the complaint.
  • If the bank has rejected your complaint.
  • You are not satisfied with the solution that has been provided by the bank.

How will you file a complaint online with the Banking Ombudsman?

Follow these simple steps to file an online complaint with the Banking Ombudsman:

  • You will have to visit their official site which is
  • You will have to upload a complaint letter explaining the issue
  • Attach all the supporting documents which can support your complaints
  • Make sure to attach a copy of the original complaint made to the concerned bank

You will have to upload all the mentioned documents on their websites. It has to be either in pdf or .txt format.

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