How to update your personal and other details in health insurance


As we are rapidly advancing towards development, we often fail to look after our health. This leads to falling sick multiple number of times and worst case scenario we also make things complicated. That’s when healthcare insurance come into the picture. Medical expenses are never less and they can cost us a fortune. Medical insurance are dime dozen nowadays. Some of the best medical policies that you can apply for are:

  • Apollo Munich Easy Health
  • ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance- iHealth
  • Religare Health Insurance- Care
  • Bajaj Allianz Health Guard
  • Max Bupa Health Companion Health Insurance Plan

Almost everyone must have applied for one or the other healthcare plan to support you during the time of an emergency. Anyone can fall sick and when it calls for an urgency, medical healthcare plans can save you big time.

Having said that, often people search for answers regarding how to update personal information on their healthcare plans? Some information can be changed online,however, for a few, you will have to personally visit the office or call the helpline number to make the necessary changes.

  • Change in name

If the name on your healthcare policy is misspelled or need correction, let’s say your name is Rahul Kumar and on the policy, it is mentioned Rahu, for that you will have to call the helpline and inform them about the problem. They might ask you to write an application and submit a valid ID proof and either email it to them or post it. Almost all the healthcare insurance provider will have a form on their website, which they might ask you take a print out of. Fill it and attach it with the application.

  • Change in address

If you have recently moved to a new city or state and wish to update the address on your healthcare policy then do visit your company’s official website. You will an option which says update or change personal information. Select the option and follow the procedures. Some websites allow customers to make the changes on the website itself. The site will ask you to fill in the details and submit a proof of address, this can be your updated Aadhar card, utility bill in your name, credit card statement with the full address, and more. You should always update the address in case you have moved to make the full use of healthcare policy.

  • Change in Email ID and contact number

For change in email ID as well as contact number, you will yet again have to visit the official website of the company and fill in the details. Readers may note that not all policy makers allow you to update the changes online, some may ask you to visit the nearest branch to make the necessary changes. However, for email ID and contact number, the website should allow you to update it on your profile. Login to your account and simply update it. If not, then call the helpline number of the company and let them know about the changes that you wish to make and they will help you.

  •   Change of beneficiary

If you want to change the beneficiary in your healthcare policy then all you need to do is contact your policy provider and inform them about the changes. You will have to download a form from the official site and also write an application to them. They will either ask you to submit it through email or post it to their mailing address.

Readers may note that it may take around 3 to 10 working days for the address to get updated and for the mobile number and email it should get updated within 24 to 48 hours. For beneficiary changes, the normal turnaround time is 7 to 10 days.

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