Monsoon favourite foods-Enjoy this monsoon with some tangy, spicy and tempting foods

Monsoon season a season of romance and dance in between rains. The cool weather definitely move our hearts and we are looking for some mouth watering dishes as well. To fill our stomach food craving we definitely need some dishes with tastes like sour, sweet ,tangy and spicy. Lets discuss some mouth watering dishes we don’t want to miss this summer.

1. Pakoras- Pakoras are all time favourites in the season of monsoon with a cup of hot tea. We now have a wide range of pakoras like paneer pakora,spinach pakora,onion pakora,mirchi pakora we can made them homemade very easily or can buy it from street side but pakoras are the best in this season with different chutneys green coriander mint chutney or red (Sour,sweet)imli chutney.

2. Samosas- samosas are also delicious snack in monsoon today there is a great varierty in samosas also we can have paneer samosas , veg samosas ,nutri samosa,keema samosa pasta samosa. So there is option for vegetarian as well as non vegetarian to fill their craving of food with samosa.

3. Corn – Hot boiled corn or roasted corn is the best option in hunger during rains. Little spicy and full of sweet and sour taste fill our mouth with great taste.its garnishing with lemon juice and chat masala is cherry on the top so don’t miss out eating corn this summer.

4. Kachoris- kachoris are all time favourite snack in this season. It can be served with chutney or with chane or allu ki sabji like khasta kachoris .its spicy combination gives you great feeling during rains. Feeling hungry? You can have different variety in kachoris like onion kachori,dal kachori, patato kachori, Paneer kachori and khasta kachori.

5. Soup- soups are best option if you are health conscious as well. A hot bowl of soup whether vegetable, corn, tamato or chicken it will give you great taste and good health too.

6.Momos-Momos are a great option if you like spicy food having options of veg/non veg steamed /fried momos are best for monsoon season .

7. Jalebi- if you are fond of eating sweets jalebis are good option for you. It has mouth watering taste and favourites for sweet lovers.

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