How to watch blocked YouTube videos from other countries


YouTube is a worldwide video goliath that has helped organizations and individual YouTubers and makers to achieve fans everywhere throughout the world. That doesn’t mean each and every video is accessible in each and every nation notwithstanding, and every one of us have most likely run over the intermittent bothering ‘The uploader has not made this video accessible in your nation’ message.

That is disappointing when all you need to do is watch a film trailer or music video, and don’t need complex authorizing babble to get in the middle of you and your video. Fortunately, there are approaches to sidestep YouTube’s territorial channel and watch recordings that are blocked in your nation. Let’s know how?


Utilize a VPN

The most dependable approach to get around the locale channel is essentially to utilize a VPN, which gives you a chance to peruse the web as if you were from an alternate nation. You can attempt this with a free VPN, however we prescribe a paid administration like NordVPN – as of now at the highest point of our best VPN positioning – as you can get speedier associations, more server choices, and much better information security. You will get a free trial as well.

Essentially install the VPN of your choice – many will run on PC, Mac, Android, or iOS – ensuring you pick one that gives you a chance to pick the area of the server you associate with. Head into the VPN application and try to set the server to be inside a nation that you know approaches the video being referred to – usually the area of the video maker or uploader is an easy win.

At that point you should simply open your program once more and make a beeline for the YouTube video you need to watch. YouTube should now believe that you’re from the other nation and load the video. Contingent upon your decision of VPN the video may stack marginally slower or in bring down quality – once more, some portion of why a paid administration is ordinarily justified regardless of the cost – however and whichever way the video should play fine.

This is typically the fastest and most effortless approach to move beyond the area obstruct on YouTube videos, particularly if it’s an issue you keep running into more than once.


Utilize a Proxy or Intermediary

In the event that you would prefer not to utilize a VPN, the following best thing is an intermediary server. This has a comparative impact to a VPN – enabling you to peruse as though in an alternate nation – however is less secure and doesn’t encode your activity, which is the reason we typically prescribe a VPN over an intermediary. On the off chance that you simply need to watch music videos on YouTube, encryption probably won’t be your greatest concern, yet in the event that you’re attempting to get to YouTube from a nation with a government that bans certain recordings, a VPN is unquestionably the better choice.

Likewise, with VPNs, there are free intermediary servers around, however they’re regularly restricted that a paid service is justified, despite all the trouble, particularly on the off chance that you can discover the one with free trial. You’ll regularly need to get to the server through an internet browser expansion, and by and by make a point to choose a server situated in a nation you think will approach the video being referred to. At that point stack up YouTube and begin viewing.


Download the video

When in doubt, you may have the capacity to just download the YouTube video and in this way get around the locale blocking completely.

Do remember that while it isn’t illicit to download recordings from YouTube, it is in fact against Google’s terms of administration, and is also immoral because we bypass the adverts that funds that particular YouTube content.

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    I never tried nordvpn, but I managed to access youtube content while using surfshark vpn it surprisingly I didn’t experienced buffering and it seemed as easy to use.

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