Is Kapil Sharma teaming up with Bharti Singh and Kurshna Abhishek for a new show?


Last week, reports rumoured around the corner that comedian Kapil Sharma will be back on television with a new show and will be seen with other comedians, Krushna Abhishek, and Bharti Singh. It was also reported that the maker of the show didn’t want to put a lot of pressure on Kapil and hence planned to bring all three of them together in one show to give a superb performance and make people laugh.

But a confused Bharti Singh said that she has no idea about such a news and was amazed to hear it from the media. She also said that Krushna and Bharti are not working together on or for any shows. She was really baffled and referred that she was away for her shoot for Khatron Ke Khiladi for six weeks and that she knew that there were talks going on but nothing has been executed related to that. Bharti will be seen hosting India’s Got Talent Show soon and Kurshna is also busy with his shows. Bharti added that she would have been in fact happier to announce this news to everyone but this is not what is happening and also she is quite busy with her schedule and won’t be able to do any more shows for the moment.

Kapil has been in the news because of his weight gain issues, depression, and also his issues with alcoholism. His last show Family Time with Kapil was also abruptly pulled off the air due to unknown reasons.

Bharti says that she has high regards and respect for Kapil and is eagerly waiting for his appearance on Television. She comments, “Rulaane wale duniya mein bahut hain, hasaane wale bahut kam hai”. After his comeback, it will be Kapil Sharma’s show and it will be an honour for her to join him.

She also prayed for his quick comeback and also said that his fans love him for who he is and will forgive him for whatever he did in the past.

However, he recently visited Amritsar for the promotion of a Punjabi film, and he spoke to the media there and said that he will be soon coming back to Television with an all-new show, Family Time with Kapil. But, Kapil and Krushna were not available for further comment.

We can only hope this comes true and we see an all-new Kapil Sharma on television soon with his witty sense of humour.

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