Instagram Reels-Now you can create short videos using Instagram Reels

Now we can also make short videos using Instagram Reels . it is very easy to make videos by using Reels. It is a suitable replacement to publish your content on a platform. Now there are so many apps in the market to capture the Tik Tok can make fun videos with the help of instagram reels. You can share reels on feed  and if you have a public account you can make it available to a wider instagram community  through a new space in Explore. Explore offers anyone the chance to become  a creater on instagram and reach new audience on Global stage

Steps to create short video using Instagram Reels

First of all you have to sign in your Instagram Account.and if you do not have your instagram account you have to create one.

→Click on the camera icon on the top left corner.

→At the bottom,you can see options like Live, Story and Reels and click on Reels.

→Now you can start creating Reels on instagramthe maximum length of the video on Reels is 30 seconds.

→To record the video on Reels, click on the big white circle Icon. The same button will help you to stop the video.

→Before starting the recording you can add some effects also by icons on the left side. To make adjustment in the video recording speed  click on the the right arrow icon which looks like a play can record videos in slow motion  at up to 0.3x or speed them  up to 3x.

→To add some effects in to  your videos click on the smiley button and swipe right on the big white circle. This will show you all the available effects  and we can pick whatever you like. This effect icon shows up inside the big white circle and you can click it to start recording.

→Reels allows you  set a three second timer before recording  any of the clip. Click on the timer icon  on the left  and set the duration of the clip and tap set timer.when you will start video recording you will see a three second timer on screen before the video begins.

→Finally you can also add music to it by clicking on the music icon on the left.the best thing is that you can see lyrics on the screen  and choose any part of the song you want to choose isn’t it amazing. On Reels you have freedom to pick your favourite parts of the can add music before recording a video to create lip sync videos or you can add it after recording to give it a good soundtrack.

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