Kisan Credit Card – Farmer can get many benefits of kisan credit card How to Apply?


Kisan credit card(KCC) – A kisan credit card is a special provision through which a farmer can access low interest  funding  from a bank .farmers are also providing a passbook containing details to loan limit , land holding and beneficiary.These credit cards are provided by commercial banks as well as state co operative and regional rural banks.

Major benefits of kisan Credit Card

1. Farmers can have flexibility of loan repayment option they can pay loan amount  after the harvest season

2. The loan disbursal procedure will be without complication.

3.  The credit limit can be expanded based on income.

4. The loan interest rates will be low as compared to other loans.

5.  This is one loan facility for all agricultural needs.

6.  The crop insurance will be available.

7. Discount from dealers on selected transactions.

Eligibility Criteria of Kisan Credit Card

1. Individual farmer or joint borrower who is an owner –cultivator.

2. Self Help group /Joint Laibility group  it includes farmers sharecropperstenant farmers.

3. Tenant farmer ,oral lessee and sharecropper

This scheme also extends to the fisheries and animal husbandry sector you can also apply if you farm fish,sheep , poultry.

Required Documents

ID proof – Voter ID card/Pan card/Passport/Adhaar card/Driving licence.

Address Proof-Voter ID Card/passport/Adhaar card/driving licence.

You can have the kisan credit card from any cooperative bank,Regional Rural bank(RRB) Or SBI,BOI and IDBI bank . The National Payments corporation of India (NPCI) also issued KCC

Five Years of validity

The validity of Kisan credit card is of five years.The loan amount of 1.6 lakh can be alloted without any guarantee earlier this limit was one lakh only.

Account in PM kisan is mandatory

If you want to apply for kisan credit card it is mandatory to have account in Pm-Kisan Samman Nidhi. Those consumers will get benefits  of Kisan credit card.

How to apply online?

1. You have to visit

2. Download the form of kisan credit card.

3. you have to fill this form with the documents of registry of your land and agriculture detail.

4. you have to give detail if any kisan credit card is already made with any bank or not.

5. Last submit the form and you will get the kisan credit card from the concerned bank

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