Now You can easily add words to Android dictionary; Check How


When we want to send message to others sometimes there is need to use our own phrases and words using messaging apps on Android Phones. Our Android has a inbuilt dictionary in them which automatically corrects our words and also give us suggestions which word can replace this word. Sometimes it creates too much difficulty in texting and sometimes we have to rewrite the whole phrase or word. There is a system which teaches android that particular word or phrase.

You can follow underlined steps to add words to the Android Dictionary

1. First of all open the settings on your Android phone.

2. Open language and keyboard option.

3. In different smart phones these options are named differently.

4. Now look for Personal dictionary option and click on it.

5. Sometimes this option hides in settings option please check.

6. Now tap on Add on dictionary option and start adding words and phrases which you use frequently. You can also assign shortcuts for them.

7. Now Open any messaging append type your word or phrase you want to add.

8. Now double Tap the word and choose the Add to dictionary option.

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