Popular and best baby food for your kids which promote good health and nutrition

Baby food

Baby good health and nutrition is so much essential for a mother. As soon as the baby crosses the age of 6 month parents are looking for options of food for better nutrition of the child like formula feed ready to eat foods so if you are also looking for the best baby food for your baby this article is the best for you.

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 Popular baby foods for your baby available in India

1. Nestle Ceregrow- this baby food is best for young kids and toddlers. It is made with multigrain and fruits and milk it is rich in iron helps support normal cognitive development. It has immune nutrients Vitamin A, C D Iron and zinc to help support normal immune system function. it has 16 vitamins and minerals for growth and development  it has goes through 46 quality checks   to ensure quality product for your little baby.  Sources of the iron that supports normal cognitive development it helps support normal physical growth and development age appropriate nutrition for three to six years old.

2. Nestle Cerelac- nestle develops infant nutrition product backed by evolving science and research. it is rich in iron complementary food that provides 75% of baby daily need of iron in 2 serves  it si the source of 19 nutrients  including vitamins and minerals. It is available in fruits and vegetable variants. It is free from added color  flavor and preservatives.

3. Pristine Baby cereal- It is india’s first organic baby food. It is the baby food made with organic ingredients. It contains no added colors and preservatives. it is pre cooked and easily digestible.

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4.slurrp from organic cereal- slurp with organic cereal is full of calcium which is good for bones it has the goodness of millets and real fruits like ragi, jowar , oats , rice and mango it contains  vitamin A, B , C , D , E and minerals  like calcium iron and zinc. It contains no Maida, no trans fats no preservatives 100% natural, contains real mango fruit it has no artificial colors or flavors. It is honest and healthy food made by two mothers.

5. Sprouts Organic baby food brand – sprouts organic baby food brand offers  baby food purees  and tasty combinations of organic fruits veggies and grains for the toddlers and of 6+ Months. All baby food pouches are  all USDA certified organic and Non GMO  They do not contain any additives  Fillers and concentrates. This brand is all committed to little ones well being it is made up with the cleanliest ingredients and served in BPA free packing.

6. Early Foods Organic sprouted Ragi Porridge- Ragi is 6 times richer in calcium and milk is suitable for your baby’s digestive system. it is Gluten free and vegan cereal it is an excellent source of weight gain is recommended for children  with lactose intolerance. This is an instant cooks and will get ready in 5 minutes time. It contains no additive colors artificial flavors preservatives or artificial supplements. early foods in Mom  founded children food company based in India  which provides natural and junk free food for kids.

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7. 1st bites baby food- it is india’s first organic food baby cereal made up with finest quality organic ingredients it contains no added artificial colors  flavors and Preservatives . it is pre cooked and easily digestible

8. Gerber baby food little bites – it is a new taste development of baby food like oatmeal and banana strawberry baby cereal.  It can be mixed to spoon hugging texture and added textured pieces help babies to learn to chew and mesh it has iron ingredient which supports the leaning ability of the baby. If you will provide 2 servings in a day it will  provide 90% of your baby’s daily value of iron  it is also full of vitamin C  and 6B vitamins for healthy growth and calcium to help building the immunity , health of bones and teeth.

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