Best hand washes available in India for daily use

best Handwashes

Hand hygiene is so much important for healthy living. Thousands of people around the world get affected because the hand hygiene is not maintained at all. So if you want to maintain your hand hygiene you have to choose the best hand washes available for daily use in India.

If you want to make your hands free from bacteria and germs washing your hands is so much important. Good quality hand washes will cost you around rs 100 to rs 500 lets discuss some quality hand washes available India for daily use. You have to pick hand washes which do not contain any harmful substances in them like chemicals which can cause you itchy and dry skin.  The hand washes should contain mild fragrances so avoid hand washes strong smell.  You have to pick hand washes which can be easily refilled

It will decrease you maintenance costs  and ensures less wastage.

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Best hand washes available in India for daily use

1. Dettol Original hand wash- Dettol is best hand wash available in India it protects from illness causing germs. It is recommended by all Indian Medical association.  It antibacterial formula gives 10x better germ protection for clean nd hygienic hands it is a soap free formula which provides best protection against germs . it has natural cleansers which contains 85% naturally derived ingredients and plat derived cleansers  which contains no TCC or Triclosan. You can place it in bathrooms and kitchen and can be easily refilled which will reduce you maintenance costs.

2. Lifebuoy total 10 active hand wash- It is made up with active natural shield  it is a germ protection hand wash  which washes away germs. It has 99.9 percent germ protection in just 10 seconds as per lab test .  it is approved by the royal society for public health  it is world no 1 selling germ protection soap.  It is available in convenient packaging options . it contains active natural shield  which ensures your hands are clean and protected  against germs.

3. Savlon Moisture shield germ protection handwash- savlon is a great handwash which breaks the chain of infection with millions of germs. It also protects from H1N1 Virus  Rotavirus and Stomach Flu and Flu virus. This is a shield hand wash which leaves you with soft, supple and clean hands Gentle cleansing  coupled with Moisturizing benefit. It is dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types  it is made up with natural extracts and contains no Triclosan  and no added parabens.

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4. Godrej Protekt Germ fighter handwash- Godrej Protekt Germ fighter hand wash is one of the best hand wash for daily use. It provides protection against illness causing germs and bacteria it has great performance cleansers which is mild on hands but tough on grease.  It is enriched with glycerin and essential oil that gently moisturizes your skin it is subtle refreshing and having aromatic fragrance which will leave your hand smelling fresh all day.

5. Santoor fresh Gentle hand wash- santoor handwsh is best to use on your hands  it will give your hands best care to keep them soft and germ free.  It is enriched with natural goodness of sweet lime peel and tulsi  you can enjoy an refreshing cleanse  every time you wash your hands. It is perfect for  all skin types and keep all the germs and bacteria away. It will hydrate your skin every time you wash your hands.

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6. Dove Beauty Cream Hand wash- dove is a nourishing liquid hand wash is a best formulation that is designed to keep skin soft and moisturized. It is dermatological approved and ideal for sensitive skin. It comes with 1/4 moisturizing cream which is smooth as compared to soap. It will provide intense hydration  and leaves skin feeling soft and silky. It includes mild cleansers and is PH natural  it can be used for dry and sensitive skin

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