Popular Olive Oil Brands Available In India for cooking

Olive Oil Brands Available In India

The world’s healthiest cooking oil is said to be olive oil. It will improve your skin and hair in a variety of ways. Without using heat or chemicals, the oil is extracted from freshly plucked olives. It works well for reducing bodily inflammation. It boosts your immune system, has no cholesterol and little to no harmful fats. It has several applications, including direct addition to salads and deep frying. Let’s talk about the top olive oil brands.

Best Olive oil brands available in India

1. Borges extra light olive oil- it is ideal oil for cooking and frying and sautéing. It maintains the original flavor of the dishes. it has light flavor with high smoking point and perfect for Indian cooking and can be a substitute any regular oil in the kitchen . This olive oil brand is the world renowned brand which is recognized as a leader in oils and vinegars. It provides guaranteed quality products in the market. It will increase the level of healthy fats in your body. it is extracted from the best quality olives picked from the Mediterranean region.

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2. Delmonte Cooking Olive oil- it is brought to you from the house of delmonte imported specially from Italy and Spain. it has light flavor and aroma and ensures minimal change in the taste of preparation it is ideal for cooking. Including sautéing and deep frying. It is basically the best pomace olive oil who is pressed and blended by Italian experts with extra care it provides you healthy and happy heart and protect you from toxic fumes it is cold pressed oil which means it retains the purity of the olives without any nutrients or taste lost.

3. Oleev Olive pomace oil- this olive oil has neutral flavor and perfect choice for all types of cooking it is rich in Mufa and other essential vitamins which strengthens the body with good fat and lowers the effects of bad cholesterol. It is rich in vitamin E shields our body from infections and helps in faster healing. It is rich in vitamin K which improves the bone density and strength. It has high smoke point which makes it ideal for deep frying and is rich in nutrients like vitamin e and K, providing healthy diet to suit a healthy lifestyle.

4. Disano extra virgin Oil- it is created by First cold pressing of raw olives. It is manufactured and packed in Spain. it is rich in beneficial antioxidants and vitamin e. it has zero cholesterol , low saturated fat which helps in lowering bad cholesterol. It is high in healthy fats and has MUFA and PUFA unsaturated fatty acids. It is ideal for salads, dips, pizza, and pasta and has rich flavor and aroma of olives and is loaded with nutrients.

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5. Jivo extra Virgin Olive Oil- it will reduce the heart problems and diabetes and improve cholesterol levels it will assist in weight loss and improves digestion and protect against diabetes it works as an inflammatory and protects against insulin resistance. It is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants and extracted through cold press method which is untouched by hands with no chemical use.

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