Popular Pressure cookers brands you can buy in India


The most typical appliance in a typical home kitchen is a pressure cooker. You can quickly and easily produce foods that are perfectly cooked with a pressure cooker. This is due to the lids’ ability to seal in steam and maintain ideal temperatures. A lot of pressure cookers can be used on cooktops other than standard gas burners since they have induction bases. Lets discuss the best ones available in India.

Benefits of using Pressure cookers

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1. Time saving- The capacity of pressure cookers to cook food faster than conventional cooking techniques is one of their most important advantages. When compared to traditional cooking methods like baking, boiling, or steaming, pressure cookers can reduce your cooking time and energy use by up to 60%.

2. Energy efficient- Pressure cookers stand out as an environmentally responsible cooking choice in light of growing concerns about energy saving. Pressure cookers use a lot less energy than traditional cooking techniques because of their faster cooking periods. This helps you save money on power bills while also helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

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3. Quickly made food with flavours- Food cooked in open containers is subject to heat and air exposure, which can diminish flavour. Food cooked in a pressure cooker will be entirely submerged in steam, maintaining all of its mouthwatering flavours.

Best Pressure cookers brands available in India

1. Hawkins- In the Indian market, Hawkins is a well-known and reputable brand that was founded in 1959. It is recognised for producing top-notch pressure cookers. The company sells a large selection of pressure cookers in various materials and sizes. The superb heat distribution, effective cooking, and long-lasting performance of Hawkins pressure cookers are well-known.

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2. Prestige-The cutting-edge and well-liked kitchen and home products from Prestige are well-known. With a wide selection of pressure cookers, it is a well-known brand in the Indian kitchen appliance sector. The company’s products are renowned for their robust construction, dependability, and user-friendly features.

3. Pigeon- In the Indian cookware industry, Pigeon is a fast expanding brand that provides a selection of pressure cookers that are both high-quality and reasonably priced. Pigeon pressure cookers are expertly made, guaranteeing effective cooking and durable operation. By including features like a gasket release system and robust handles, the brand promotes user safety.

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4. Borosil- One of India’s most recognised glassware brands is Borosil, which was established in 1962. The company is also renowned for producing premium pressure cookers created to satisfy the various cooking requirements of Indian households.

5. Butterfly- In India, the first company to introduce pressure cookers made of stainless steel was Butterfly. Today, the company offers a huge selection of models that are adored and dependable by everyone.

6. Kent- With KENT SS Pressure Cookers, which are built of premium 18/8 stainless steel, you can quickly, simply, and hygienically prepare tasty, nutritious cuisine. By using this cooker, you can cut your cooking time in half. When using an aluminium pressure cooker, several foods, such lentils, dried peas, beans, and harder cuts of meat, can be prepared in a fraction of the usual time.

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7. Nirlon- Established in 1994, “Nirlon Kitchenware Private Limited” is the top producer and supplier of a variety of kitchen cookware, nonstick cookware, pressure cookers, and other products that make it easy for their clients to prepare delicious, healthy cuisine. The goods are manufactured from high-quality, non-toxic raw materials that perfectly balance form and function to add warmth to every meal. In order to create stunning kitchen stories that bring out the chef in you, They are inspired by global trends.

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