Popular Indian Drain Cleaners for Speedy Cleaning

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Drain clogs can cause a lot of trouble. They can make life very difficult for you by causing a water backup and producing unpleasant odours. Fortunately, there are many drain cleaners on the market that can handle these problems successfully. These cleaners clean your property, unclog your drain, and dissolve all the filth, grime, and dust in a short amount of time. Let’s discuss the best drain cleaners available in the market.

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Top drain cleaners available in India

1. Harpic Drain Xpert Drain Cleaner Powder-The company sells a variety of toilet cleaning products, including liquids, tablets, wipes, brush systems, toilet rim blocks, and more. Harpic wants to keep your family safe and healthy while keeping your bathroom and toilet clean and free of germs. It unclogs your drain line by melting grease and hair in 30 minutes. Septic tanks, sinks, or pipes are unaffected. It can be applied to a variety of drains and pipelines.Since it won’t damage any septic tanks or pipes, the Harpic Drain Cleaner is safe to use on all types of pipes. The cleanser can be applied quickly and is suitable for use in kitchen, bathroom and shower cubicle sinks.

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2. Pidilite D-Klog Drain Cleaner Powder- Pidilite manufactures products for numerous industries, including chemicals, textile resins, adhesives, and pigments. Pidilite has also been creating innovative products for use in both commercial and residential settings for decades. It promptly clears clogged drain lines in bathrooms, sinks, washbasins, and other places. It works well to unclog drain lines in bathrooms, kitchens, and washrooms that have clogged up because of fatty food, hair, and oil. In addition to eliminating bad odours and stench from drain pipes, it also kills insects, bacteria, and germs that reside in drains. You may avoid all of the difficulty by using Pidilite D-Klog Cleaner Powder. Pipes, tanks, and fittings can all be safeguarded by this cleaner powder. The necessity for cleaning tools such a drain spring pipe, plunger, drain stick, or cleaning hook is gone.

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3. Kiwi Mr. Muscle Kiwi Dranex Drain Cleaner – The No. 1 Drain Expert in India, Dranex, makes clearing blocked drains simple and fast. In just 30 minutes, its potent formulations eliminate thick drain obstructions. Grease, grime, hair and food particles in sinks, washbasins, balcony drains, kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks are melted by the drain cleaner as it works. Dranex can help keep cockroaches away and avoid drain clogs when used regularly.

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4. AAAL Drain Cleaner Flakes- Food scraps, soap, filth, oil, and other substances can all be totally removed by AAAL Drain Cleaner. These flakes are created with a strong caustic mix to keep your home fresh and clean. This cleaner attacks the issue head-on and produces outstanding results, whether it’s a clogged pipe, bathroom drain or kitchen sink. Various objects, including unclean, grungy, grease-covered chimneys, pipelines, sinks, and basins, can be cleaned with it. It has a great cleaning capacity, thus fats and grease dissolve quickly.You can use this wherever in your home, and you’ll always receive a tidy and useful result.

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5. Unitedlys Caustic Soda- Caustic soda flakes from Unitedly make it simple to clear clogs from pipes, chimneys, and sinks. Dirt, grease, and grime are easily dissolved by its potent nature. The caustic soda flakes are the perfect solution for all of your cleaning needs because they are effective but secure to use. The product works wonders to clear debris from any surface and unclog drains. It has a robust cleaner for drainage pipes and contains strong sodium hydroxide to remove stubborn stains and filth.

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