Process to speed up payments on Paytm by pinning recent contacts

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Using UPI apps, we frequently find ourselves making recurring payments to a small number of sellers, buyers, and vendors. Typically, in order to make a payment, one must first search for the contact in the contact list. We could also request a QR code to scan in order to pay.

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Pin recent payments is a new tool that Paytm has introduced to its app to help make things simpler. This enables users to instantly access a set number of contacts on their Paytm app and make payments with them.

Here’s how to add them to the Paytm app and make payments quickly if you experience a similar problem when paying normal individuals.

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But first, you should be aware that this feature only applies to Paytm and does not work with other UPI apps. Additionally, users can presently pin up to 5 contacts.

In addition, the Scan & Pay feature only functions for contacts who are listed in the applications’ Recents sections. This implies that you can only pin people to whom you have recently made a payment.

You have required latest version of Paytm App for this and an active UPI account. Paytm UPI and wallet must be active on Paytm.

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Lets discuss the steps you can follow to pin contacts on Paytm for faster payment.

1. Open the updated Paytm application on your smartphone.

2. In the area for UPI Money Transfer, select Scan & Pay.

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3. Slide up to expand the section for Recents.

4. To see the Pin button, long-press on a contact (payment) in the Recents area.

5. Pin the contact at the top by tapping on it.

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