Road Trip Essentials-Things you must take on your next Car road Trip


Road Trip is actually a long distance journey on road. Generally people prefer to go to a Road trip by car. Now a days Road trips are extremely popular for so many reasons.  Pandemic is going on so people prefer to go by car rather than public service. Because it will give you safety from harmful virus and driving to a destination inspite of how far it is if you like to drive is nothing for you.

We are depended on Cars for long journeys but some things are very important to keep in your car for a long trip and before going on a long trip please check prior that all necessary things are carried by you.

1. License and Registration– you should carry your licence and registration of your car even insurance policy also with you any time it can get checked and to avoid fine or penalty you have to carry these documents with you.

2. Puncture Kit– Always carry a spare tyre in good condition because in long journey sometimes multiple punctures happen. So it is very essential to carry a puncture kit with you. Sometimes repair shops are not easily found so you can change the tyre a basic puncture kit contains a reamer, probe, Glue repair strips and cutter.

3. Air pump– whether your car has tubeless tyres or not good air is necessary for tyres for smooth running of your car. You should always carry a air pump with you. if the air pressure gets low in tyres the car will not run smooth and an extra fuel will also be consumed.

4. USB Car Adaptor-a USB adaptor is a good choice in your car lighter port. One which is having multiple USB ports is necessary as it can charge many gadgets at a time. So always go with additional type USB charging port

5. Potable WiFi Dongle– if you want to drive long across the country it is not sure that data coverage will be good all the time. And even if you want to access 4G data extra data charges will be there to bear. So if you want a Nonstop streaming videos on laptop or want to do some office work your data card will be a good option to take with you.

6. First Aid Kit– Basic First Aid kit is also necessary to take in Car while going for a long trip. Generally pain killers’ ointments antiseptic creams and bandages are there in first aid kit.

7. Jumper cables – A handy pair of jumper cables will be a absolute necessity. If you are facing a battery issue in middle of a highway A basic jumper cables can help you to use another cars battery to jump start yours .

8. Extra Set of car keys– Always carry a separate extra pair of car keys sometimes in a hurry we can forget our car keys in car or it can get lost so extra set of car keys will be really helpful in that situation.

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