Sensitivity in teeth while having hot and cold products check out these best toothpaste for healthy Gums

sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth are caused due tooth decay, a cracked tooth, worn tooth enamel, worn fillings which may be the result of aggressive tooth brushing, gum recession or gum disease. So if you are facing similar issues in your teeth you have to follow special toothpaste for your teeth. This toothpaste will help you to maintain proper oral hygiene levels and you will get rid of the tooth sensitivity soon.

Just check popular tooth paste brands for sensitive teeth which will help to get rid of the sensitivity problem of teeth.

1. Sensodyne toothpaste- sensodyne is specially formulated toothpaste to relieve and protect against tooth sensitivity and it is recommended by the dentist. It will repair your minor teeth issues and gives protection against sensitivity. It is available in the form of gel which is good for adults. This brand will give assurance of visible results in 4 weeks and recommends brushing your teeth twice daily to get rid of the sensitivity issues.

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2. Colgate sensitive plus Toothpaste- Colgate is another reputed brand from years which provides sensitive plus toothpaste for sensitive teeth. This tooth paste is gluten free and sugar free so it is best for people having diabetic problem and gluten allergy. It will give you relief from hot and cold sour and sweet sensations in your teeth regular usage will provide complete care to your teeth and provide you healthy gums. There is need to brush your teeth on daily basis with this Colgate sensitive plus toothpaste.

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3. Himalaya herbals Sensitive toothpaste-Himalaya is another trusted brand of toothpaste which provides herbal products. It will give quick and long lasting effects to sensitive teeth and gives you healthy gums. Regular usage will definitely provide great relief.

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4. Oral B sensitivity and Gum calm original toothpaste- it will sooth and cooling down the gums. It is an ideal and quick solution for pain relief and cooling sensitive teeth. It will provide in mouth comfort during as well as after brushing. It protects deeply due to its gentle foam designed to intensify personal comfort. So if you are looking for instant sensitivity relief brush each tooth approx 30 seconds and then continue with your normal oral hygiene ritual. It is ideal toothpaste for adults.

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5. Colgate sensitive toothpaste with clove oil- it is the best option to use for sensitive teeth. It also contains the extracts of clove oil which is super beneficial for teeth and gum problems. This is again sugar free and gluten free ideal for adults to maintain oral health and hygiene. Regular usage will provide you great benefits and healthy gums.

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