Sensitivity in teeth while having hot and cold products check out these best toothpaste for healthy Gums

sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth are caused due tooth decay, a cracked tooth, worn tooth enamel, worn fillings which may be the result of aggressive tooth brushing, gum recession or gum disease. So if you are facing similar issues in your teeth you have to follow special toothpaste for your teeth. This toothpaste will help you to maintain proper oral hygiene levels and…

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Nourish Your Dry Lips with the care of Best Lip Balm

Lip Balm (1)

Dry lips can be occurred due to summers and extreme winters as well. Dry lips sometimes get cracked and blood takes out from the lips. Lip balms serves as butters is to protect the lips. They contains a moisturizing ingredient like petroleum jelly, shea butter  which prevents water loss in lips and some wax is also added to lip balms…

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