We all know Sony is famous for its Cameras and picture Quality. Although the company has not yet been able to set up a standard in the smartphone category but it is still one of the best companies to provide camera lens for other players in the market.

The Japanese company is leading in terms of camera quality which is why every phone that comes out today has a Sony’s camera lens in it.

Sony has announced another Beast in the camera lens industry the ‘Sony IMX 586’.While there have been some really great cameras with really high megapixels like the Nokia Lumia 1020 with a 40 megapixel camera and the Huawei P20 pro with a 40 megapixel camera which was recently announced this year, Sony conquers them by launching a 48 Megapixel Camera Sensor for Smartphones.

The smartphones that we see today do not have high megapixels camera, they are usually of the size of 12M.P or 16M.P but they are still able to capture some great photos like the Iphone x for example it has a 12 M.P camera but is considered one of the best when it comes to smartphone photography.

So does higher megapixels mean better photos?

Certainly not, there are other things also that you have to consider like the aperture and the software optimization of the device on which it’s going to be used.

But Sony’s 48 megapixels camera Sensor with 8000 x 6000 resolution could conquer all the stereotypes, Sony says that this new sensor would be able to capture some really great photos with high detailing and better quality on a smartphone even while zoomed in, during the daytime.

In low light conditions, we have seen that the smartphones struggle to deliver a good image with very high noise and distortion, but Sony has implemented a quad bayer array in their lens to capture as much detail as possible in low light by combining the pixels in a 2×2 grid.

The lens is also able to capture burst shots at 30 Frames Per Second (FPS) on full resolution and 4K Video recording at 90 FPS.

But all the claims made by the company are on paper yet, we still have to wait and see which smartphones in the future will have this IMX586 sensor and would it actually be able to deliver what Sony says it can.

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