Step-by-Step guide to Update KYC on Your FASTag


FASTag, which uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, is a revolutionary device for streamlining toll payments for vehicle owners. It is mounted on the car’s windscreen and allows for cashless transactions at toll plazas by deducting the toll amount directly from the linked prepaid account.

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It operates on national highways, and FASTag is constantly expanding its coverage to include more toll plazas. The ‘Active Toll Plazas’ section provides users with a comprehensive list of active toll plazas, allowing them to easily navigate through participating toll booths.

Process  to Update FASTag KYC Online.

On Monday, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) announced that FASTags with incomplete Know Your Customer (KYC) details will be deactivated after January 31, 2024. This move is part of NHAI’s commitment to improving the efficiency of the electronic toll collection system, which ensures that vehicles pass through toll plazas smoothly and uninterrupted.

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Updating Know Your Customer (KYC) information is a simple way to go from Non-KYC to Full-KYC status.

Here are the steps to update KYC details:

-Use the provided link to access the dedicated customer web portal,

–Log in with your registered mobile number and password, or choose OTP-based validation.

–In the IHMCL customer portal, select the ‘My Profile’ option from the Dashboard menu.

-Go to the ‘My Profile’ page to check the status of your KYC and review the details you provided during the registration process.

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–Click on the ‘KYC’ sub-section next to ‘Profile,’ then select “Customer Type.”

–Complete the mandatory fields by submitting the required ID Proof and Address Proof documents, along with a passport-sized photo and address details that match the Address Proof.

–Before submitting, verify the authenticity of the attached documents by checking the mandatory declaration.

This detailed KYC verification process ensures compliance and security when transitioning from a non-KYC to a full-KYC customer

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Following these steps will provide FASTag users with a seamless and efficient toll payment system, resulting in smoother travel experiences on national highways.

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