Telegram-Tips to download and start using telegram on Desktop (PC)and Smartphones

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Telegram is a fast messaging app on the market. Now days when whatsapp has introduced his new policy for users it is also widely used alternative of can be used on desktop computer and also it is available on another platforms like Android, ios, windows. You can easily switch to telegram it is as easy as any other instant messaging app. just you have to Download the app, enter your phone number and you have to verify it That’s all.

How to download the telegram on Android/ios/windows/macos/web

Android -On Android first you have to go to Google play store>Search telegram>install the App in your phone

ios -On IOs first you have to go to Apple play store>search telegram>Get the app

Windows– click on the link

Macos– click on the link

Web– Click on this link

Set up Guide of Telegram

1. First of all open the Telegram app.

2. Allow necessary permissions of the app like allow telegram to take pictures and record video.

3. After that enter your phone number.

4. Telegram will call you to verify your number.

5. Enter your first name and last name to complete the set up.

Steps to follow to start sending messages on Telegram

Just press the pen icon at the bottom of the right hand side corner and after that Tap on the contact name. Then automatically a new chat window. You have to tap on the box, and create a message and send it. You can also send multimedia files, even voice notes while using Telegram.

Steps to create a New Group on Telegram

Just Tap on the same Pen icon and after that choose New Group. Select contacts you want to add in to that group and after that press next. Enter the group name and hit the tick button

Telegram supports audio and video calls as well. All messages, video and even audio calls on Telegram are end to end encrypted.

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