YouTube Feature-YouTube is testing a new feature where you can shop directly through videos


YouTube is testing out a new feature in which the users can actually buy the products that are shown in selected YouTube videos. This is great news for the buyers .Due to pandemic online sales is increasing day by day. Currently this service is only tested out in the US on Android, IOS and internet. This new feature on you tube will add a Shopping Bag icon on the bottom left corner of the video. The viewers can click on this icon and can know more about products available on the product page.

This news is first reported by the Bloomberg in last year October. In the report it is mentioned that YouTube is working with the creators to sell their products directly on the platform.

You tube already has a section just below the description box where the sellers can list their products. it will feature the products range  and also the links to the original website where they can purchase them easily .This new feature will give the freedom for the sellers to sell their products itself on the YouTube. YouTube is already earning a lot from ads, and after introducing this shopping tool now the revenue will definitely increase. They are actually testing a new way for people to discover easily and purchase products featured in the YouTube videos.

In a recent report on Bloomberg, Google revealed that it was testing out the feature on a select number of channels. Now the creators of the video have full control over the products they feature.

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