The most effective method to make an online payment to your PPF Account


You can make an online payment to your PPF account by including your PPF financial balance as a recipient in your web-based financial framework. At that point select the branch and enter the PPF support account number as the payee account number so as to exchange reserves.

Ventures for Online Transfer to PPF Account

Following is the well-ordered procedure for an online exchange to PPF Account.

Include your PPF Account (opened in a bank) as a recipient into your web-based financial module. The payee name and the PPF account number should coordinate precisely with that referenced in your PPF account.

Select the bank office wherein your PPF account is kept up. For instance, in the event that your PPF account is in State Bank of India, at that point notice SBI and the comparing branch name

Enter payee account number as your Public Provident Fund account number

Once, the previously mentioned subtleties are filled in and presented, your PPF record will be included as an outsider record. You would now be able to exchange PPF assets from your web-based financial record to your PPF account by means of the standard web-based financial procedure.

The three unique techniques where PPF stores can be made online are through Standing Instructions, web banking, and ECS Mandate.

Standing guidelines

Standing guidelines is a strategy by which people demand the bank to exchange the sum starting with one record then onto the next. This must be finished by people each time they wish to exchange the cash to another record and should be possible through the net financial segment. This technique is gainful while completing a singular amount exchange.

Through web banking

Exchange of assets from the bank to the PPF account is conceivable through National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT). Exchange by means of NEFT is extremely simple and should be possible from office or home. The PPF account number and the IFSC code of the branch where the PPF account is kept up must be accessible to exchange reserves by means of NEFT. In any case, the two branches must have the NEFT office accessible. As of now, UPI, IMPS, and RTGS methods of payment are not accessible.

ECS Mandate

This should be possible by visiting the branch and giving them an ECS command where a particular whole of cash will be exchanged from the ledger to the PPF account. It is a one-time process and is straightforward. The sum will be deducted from your ledger on a fixed date of consistently and exchanged to the PPF account. Be that as it may, enough supports must be accessible in the financial balance for the exchange to happen.

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