Ubercopter to Offer Helicopter Rides Starting in July


You might have got a glimpse of what we are going to talk in this article but yes this is true news that has been there in the news for a while now. In the technical department, the internet and wherever the news revolves, the hot topic is the helicopter service that is given by Uber. Now, this is one of the biggest changes that tech has brought to us.

For people who were firstly just dreaming of taking a helicopter ride, can now seriously take one. And if we were to believe the news, it is said that from the next month which is July 2019, Uber is going to launch their latest service which says that they are going to give people helicopter rides. So if you are going to visit The New York City recently then do check out the service they provide.Uber had once also claimed that they are working on launching air cars till 2030.So guys those of you who have problems in taking a ride due to the traffic jams, try to loosen up your pockets and don’t ride, fly to the office.

Now if you ask this question why and where they start the helicopter ride then you will get your answer tothis question as well.

Now Uber has started their first heli ride between Kennedy Airport and Lower Manhattan. It is known to be one of the busiest roads in the city. The road taking you from Kennedy to Manhattan usually sees a lot of traffic jam throughout the year. Now, these two places are really important as well because NYC’s two major places, the major airport in the city and the other one is the financial district. So you cannot even stop the flowing traffic. If you are taking a road trip here just keep that in mind that you will definitely have to wait in the jam. There are a few very congested roads in the way. And during the rush hours, it can take up to 2 hours for you to navigate. Moreover, if you are commuting between these two points using a liht rail or a subway it usually takes about 1 hour to reach your destination but then due to the recent malfunctioning of the rails it might take longer than you would have expected.

Keeping this issue in mind, Uber has lent a helping hand for the people to reach their destination quickly by paying more obviously. So you need to understand that starting with NYC Uber is going to bring this feast to a lot of other cities in a short time.

Although July will see the first of this kind Uber has promised that they won’t be the only ones.The officials of Uber have also given an estimate that when from 9th July the helicopter service will start they will always have the safety kits with them. They have also added to all the information and said that the average estimated cost from their pick-up point to the destination will be around $200 to $225 which is roughly 13800 INR to somewhere 15600 INR per person. So if you want to enjoy the ride you need to pay this amount.

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