The natural remedies you can follow to cure Insomnia


Insomnia is actually a common sleeping disorder which will make you unable to sleep or you will walk up early in morning and cannot sleep again normally. Your sleep is not complete at night and when you will wake up you will feel tired. People who are suffering from insomnia can’t sleep easily stay asleep for a longer span of time which will lead you to many health problems like diabetes, hypertension and excessive weight gain. You have to change your lifestyle to improve the condition of insomnia.

You can naturally get rid of the insomnia problem naturally by following some lifestyle changes

1. Fix your time of Sleep – if you want to get rid of insomnia first you have to fix your schedule of wake up and sleep. There should be fixed time for sleep and wake up so that your body can take enough rest on weekdays as well as on weekends.

2. Avoid Alcohol, nicotine and caffeine– consumption of caffeine, Alcohol and nicotine has a bad effect on your sleep and problem of insomnia will occur. Alcohol has a dizzy effect while consuming it but later on night it will make you awake. Over consumption of nicotine and caffeine will cause difficulty in sleeping.

3. Exercise– if you are exercising regularly it will improve your sleep quality and duration. You have to do exercise three hours prior going to bed for a relaxing sleep at night.

4. Avoid phone on bed- Avoid surfing net and watching videos on social media or phone calls over the bed as it will increase alertness and makes difficult to fall asleep.

5. Reduce your stress level– You have to relax your mind while going to sleep as stress makes you sleep uncomfortable. Meditation, Yoga and deep breathing techniques will reduce your stress level and you can have a sound sleep at night.

If you are still facing problem in getting good sleep at night consult your doctor as insomnia is not good for your heart health

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