This diet has helped many diabetics lose weight


There are a lot of diseases out there that are just waiting to put you in bed

Yes, there are ways to cure them, but why wait for cure when you can prevent these diseases by following a proper diet.

We all have heard of a balanced diet, a diet which is rich in nutritions and minerals but do we know what does a balanced diet consist of?

A balanced diet means proper intake of the necessary vitamins and minerals by eating the correct food.

It’s a lot easy to define a balanced diet but not that easy to follow the same.

It’s 2018 and we are still struggling with the same health issues that we were facing years ago like diabetes and overweight problems.

Well the only way to prevent these diseases is by following a proper diet structure and if you need a diet plan you will find a lot of them on the internet.

just google it up and there will be a number of diet plans just waiting for you.

Looking at all these charts you might get confused and end up not following any diet plan and getting right back to where you started from.

So, in order to avoid the confusion and the mess in your head just follow the Dash Diet. What’s a Dash Diet you ask?

Dash Diet i.e. Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.

Well, simply stated a Dash Diet is one which will fill your belly up with fruits, veggies and high protein rich food and limiting your intake of sugars, salts and fats.

So Dash Diet = Fruits+vegetables-fats and added sugar.

And this is not just another diet plan, it’s been rewarded as the ‘Best Overall Diet’ by the U.S News Centre for 8 consecutive years.

Benefits of Dash Diet-

It helps you to control the insulin level of your body as too much insulin leads to diabetes. It is also very beneficial for losing weight as it limits the intake of added sugar and fats.

Dash Diet Contents per week- Grains (Anaaj)- 5 times.

Vegetables-. 4-5 times.

Low fat dairy products- like curd- 2-3 times.

If you are a non vegetarian then You should also eat approximately 100 gms of protein rich foods like eggs,fish etc.

The meals per day varies from person to person as per their calories consumption.

The only drawback of the Dash Diet is that it can cause diarrhoea in case of some people as the diet is highly rich in fibre, other than that the diet is safe and healthy for a person.

But still to be on the safer side, a person should consult his dietician or doctor before following any diet.

Stay fit.

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