Top 5 foods that should consume daily for your child Growth

Children are priority for every parent and parents want their children to be happy and healthy this is the wish of every parent that their children will become strong, tall and Healthy. Children moving to schools busy with their studies or play sometimes neglect their food.  Some children are very choosy and parents due to lack of knowledge or in fulfilling child’s wishes sometimes neglect those foods which will be beneficial for the proper growth of a child. Lets us discuss some foods which are readily available in kitchen and of course help our children to grow and gain healthy body soon.

1. Eggs– Eggs are full of protein and helps our children to grow. We can include it in our child’s breakfast to give him a complete and full feeling. We can make a good omelette for your child boiled eggs are also a good option to eat. Your child will feel full and will not consume pouched snakes which are not healthy at all.

2. Curd- we can include curd in lunch of the child. it will give your child immunity improves digestion it is rich in vitamin D and calcium which is good for teeth and bone development.

3.Milk– milk is necessary for the growing children. Growing children must consume at least 2 glasses of milk every day.  You can mix almonds in it or you can add some protein powder rather than giving only milk.

4. Soy– it is plant based protein which is essential for muscle growth. If your child does not like dairy products then you can go for soy milk as well it will include Vitamin D,calcium and protein in his diet.

5. Fruits– Fresh and seasonal fruits are full of vitamins and minerals which are essential for the overall growth of your children. Give 2 or 3 fruits everyday to your child. It will give him the multivitamins thus will help in development and proper growth of his body.

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