Make Your PDF files Password Free easily: check How


Sometimes we got a PDF file that is password protected whenever we have to open and view these files we need a password and every time for viewing it we have to fill the password which is a tough task. These files are mostly sent by banks so that these files will be in safe hands. Because the information is sensitive in it. We can easily remove the password from these files once we have viewed it. Let’s discuss the process of removing the password of PDF File.

Process to remove password on Android

1. First of all open the PDF file on chrome browser

2. Now enter the password and unlock it first.

3. Now press the three dots on the top right corner

4. Now press share then select print –select destination and then save as PDF

5. Finally click on save.

Now your PDF file is password free.

Process to remove password from iphone

1. you have to download and install PDF expert app on your iphone from app store.

2. Now open the PDF file from which you want to remove the password.

2. Now click on the PDf file to open it. Enter the password and open it and again click on three dots on the top right corner  and select change password and then remove password.

Now your PDF password will got removed and you can easily open it.

Process to remove password while watching on chrome

1. open the PDF file on Google chrome.

2. Now fill the password  to open it.

3. Now press CTRL+P or you can also press printer icon  on the top of PDF file.

4. Now choose the destination where you want to save it  as PDF and click on save.

5. Now the file is saved without password.

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