Top Places where You can eat in Jaipur

places in jaipur for food

Do you enjoy dining on exquisite food in a setting that perfectly complements an equally delicious meal? The finest location to be is in Jaipur. With some of the most exquisite foods and instagrammable interiors, Jaipur is a city where you can eat well and take some of the finest photos. Let’s talk about the top restaurants in Jaipur where you may eat delicious food.

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Best restaurants in jaipur

1. Laxmi Misthan Bhandar(LMB) this is a pure vegetarian restaurant which has been in business since 1954. It has a wide range of Bengali and Rajasthani sweets and having a large restaurant serving pure vegetarian dishes. It has rajasthani thali which has the taste of almost every major vegetarian Rajasthani dish. You can even try the famous rajasthani Pyaaz kachori and Kuly and falooda. You can even buy ghewar which is seasonal and it is made in desi ghee.

2. Spice court- it is heart of pink city which provides a complete unique experience to its guests in the form of hospitality, ambience, and architectures and delectable cuisines. It is the reason for you to visit this location. It is the best place which specializes in Laal Maas.

3. Choki dhani- choki dhani is the best place to visit in Pink city jaipur, along tonk road. It represents the culture of Rajasthan village. This is the open air restaurant which offers a typical rural Rajasthani experience with the traditional entertainment, snack stalls , camel rides and proper sit down Rajasthani meals it is one of the first restaurant of its kind which offer the rural experiences.

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4. Lassiwala- lassiwala opened at 730am in the morning and serves nothing but thick delicious lassies in earthen glasses of different sizes. The owner of the shop shuts the shop when the stock of the day is over. They put out the curd for setting for the next day down the shutter and simply leave. So if you are best place to drink lassi  shop no 312 lassiwala is the best.

5. Jaipur adda- exotic dishes- Jaipur adda is the famous among many famous restaurants in jaipur which allows you to feel wind of the air and mouth watering dishes. It has cheery interiors and magnificent wall art and fine wood furniture which adds a royal feel to your whole experience.

6. Zolocrust- Zolocrust is first of its kind in India where our chefs are at forefront and always at your service 24×7. It is just a live kitchen it does not have any back area even dish washing area is kept open for visibility. It is equipped with good infrastructure and state of art technology to ensure you get the best work every single time. It is fully equipped with poly house and kitchen garden where most of the salad vegetables used at the restaurant.  It will provide you the safety assurance and freshness of what you are eating.

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7. Handi- It is a well-known restaurant with delectable food and excellent service. It’s a great venue to enjoy in mouthwatering foods like seekh kebab, paneer butter masala, and handi meat. One of the top restaurants in Jaipur, it has the ideal ambience that wows visitors and offers the flavor of traditional north Indian food.

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