UAN : Important numbers that Salaried PF beneficiaries should know


Employees provident fund of India (EPFO), has allotted a unique number called Universal Account Number (UAN). This UAN number is a multifunctional in nature, acts as unified number for different Member Identification Numbers (Member ID) which is allotted by different establishments to an individual.

This linking of different Member Ids to an allotted UAN will provide help to view all the PF related of previous and current account details of the place. It is useful number for an EPFO beneficiary.

A member who switches to a new establishment has to provide the UAN of old establishment so that the new member ID of new establishment can be linked to the already existing UAN.

To avail the different benefits such as update of KYC information, UAN card download, member passbook download, file and view claim, listing all his IDS to UAN a member has to activate the registration.

Members has to visit the website  of UAN based member portal . Visit the link You can activate UAN by clicking in the link  “Activate UAN”. For this process a member should keep the basic information of Member ID, UAN, Mobile number ready.

If PF beneficiary do not have a UAN, in that case they can contact their current employer. The prime objective of UAN activation is to take the KYC details of EPF members so that the dependency on the employers can be suspended. The KYC details will be linked with the allotted UAN and not the member ID, the act will surely reduce the redundancy.

UAN member portal provides its member various facilities. Facilities that can be utilized are:

1). Activation of member’s UAN (By providing basic information as discussed above)

2). Downloading of Member pass, UAN card.

3). List and status of previous Member Ids.

4). Claim transfer – file transfer claim, view claim’s status etc.

5). Editing the member’s profile – edit Mobile no, Email ID, Update KYC information, Change password, Edit personal details

Form 11 will be used to provide the UAN and previous Member Ids to the employer by the employee. So, in the coming time, it will not be required to list the Members ID as they will be linked automatically through Form 11.

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