Want to maintain your social media privacy follow these Steps to lock your face book profile

You can add more privacy to your facebook account by locking your profile. If you will lock your profile those people who are not in your friends list will see a limited view of your profile A locked profile only shows photos on your timeline, profile picture and cover photo, stories and new posts will show only to those people who are in your friends list any type of public posts will be visible to your friends not to the general public.        

You can easily lock your face book profile by mobile or your browser. Desktop version of face book does not have option to lock your profile.

Lock Face book profile through Mobile App

Open facebook and click on profile

Click on three dot menu which is next to add to story.

Here you can see the lock your profile option. Click on it. A short brief will be given that how you can lock your profile.

Next one popup will appear that you locked your profile tap on ok

Lock Face book profile through desktop

Open facebook on browser and visit your profile click on three dot

Here you can see the option lock your profile.

When you click on lock your profile it will show you how it works when you lock your profile.

Just click on lock your profile icon and it will show you have locked your profile.

Only friends can see the photos and posts on your timeline.

If you want to unlock your profile steps are same on mobile app and desktop inplace of lock the profile option now you will see unlock your profile just hit this button and hit unlock on next screen now here you will see how unlocking your profile works and option will be there to unlock your profile. Just click on it and your profile will get unlocked.

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