Want to register a complaint in Consumer Court? Here’s how


If you are facing some grievances and unable to find any solution regarding that then you can lodge a complaint at consumer court and seek justice. Grievances can be of any type, maybe regarding a service or product, a brand, and more. You can visit the consumer court depending on the type of your grievance with all the necessary and required documents in support of the complaint.

Follow the following steps to lodge a complaint at a consumer court:

Where to lodge the complaint?

You can look for Consumer Online Resource and Empowerment Centre which is run by the Government. The link to the website is core.nic.in. People complain here, and the Department of Consumer Affairs with Consumer Co-ordination Council takes care of this portal. This is a website fully run by the government of India.


In order to file a complaint, you have to register first on the site core.nic.in. You will have to fill the online form. Enter your personal details, like your name, phone number, and your email id. Once you fill it completely, a new user id and password will be generated for you.

Lodging the complaint:

You can lodge a complaint regarding any brand or service provider. If you feel cheated or feel dissatisfied with their service, then you have the right to file the complaint against them. While lodging a complaint you will see a drop-down menu which will contain segments, brands, and sectors. All the brands that are listed on their site are registered with the Consumer Affairs Department.

The process:

While lodging the complaint you will have to add all the details regarding the complaint and also have to attach supporting documents. You can also add the consequences.


After you successfully submit your complaint, you will receive an electronically generated reference number. You can then use this number as a tracking ID to see the status of your complaint.


•    You can file multiple complaints using the same login credentials given to you and you can track them all as well.

•    Whatever communication done with the brands will also be available for tracking. You can check that as well.

•    You can file a complaint in Hindi and English languages.

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