Yoga poses which can help in Cold and Flu

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Viral infections are increasing in various parts of the country. Most of these are related to influenza or H1N1 infections. Although these infections can be treated with medication and proper treatment, many people also look for home remedies for them. A number of home remedies can help, from spices to essential oils to soups, the list can be quite long. One of them is yoga. Yoga can also help treat colds and flu.

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There are many forms of yoga and many of them can help your health problems. Yoga is good for physical and mental health. Yoga can also help ward off colds and flu. Here are 7 yoga stretches to help you get relief from colds and flu.

1. Child Pose-Also referred to as Balasana, this asana allow you to to appease your nausea. When acting this stretch, you recognition for your breath which lets you loosen up and alleviate nausea. Use a pillow or bolster to aid your torso whilst tormented by bloodless or flu.

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2. Camel Pose-This asana helps in removing congestion in the chest. Chest pain caused by a cough or cold can be quite scary. This asana helps to open the chest and remove mucus from the area.

3. Plow Pose-Many people also suffer from diarrhea when they get the flu. This posture is beneficial for such people. This stretching changes your digestive system, which can help relieve pressure and slow down your digestive system, ultimately relieving the symptoms of diarrhea.

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4. Cobra Pose-This asana also helps to open the chest area which helps you to breathe more deeply. It also helps reduce chest congestion as well as reduce cold and flu symptoms.

5. Downward-Facing Dog- It is known to help stretch the tendons, calves and Achilles tendons. However, inversion can help relieve the pressure of a headache and also support blood flow in the sinuses. It can help reduce colds and flu.

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6. Legs Up The Wall- This inversion helps to change the blood flow to the brain. Although it is known to improve circulation, it can also help reduce swelling. This asana can help reduce cold and flu symptoms.

7. Rag Doll Pose- This asana is known to help relax the shoulders, neck and upper back. It can also help release tension from your body and relieve colds and flu.

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