Adhaar Card –You can prevent misuse of your Adhaar number; Check How


Adhaar card is the most important verification document in our country which is mandatory for filing income tax returns and opening a bank account. So it is necessary to protect the security of adhaar number and prevent its Misuse. The Unique identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has a feature  which allows you to lock and unlock your Adhaar number. It will definitely strengthen the privacy and security of Adhaar number of any individual.

Steps to prevent misuse of Adhaar Card

1. Locking the Adhaar Number

Locking Adhaar means you can lock your 12 digit Aadhaar number and instead of using 16 digit virtual ID for all forms of authentication. There are 2 ways from which you can lock your Aadhaar.

1. Select UID lock Radio button  and enter UID Number, Full name  and pin code as in the latest details and enter security code.

2. Click on send OTP or select TOTP and click on submit.

3. After that your UID will be locked.      

2. Locking the Adhaar Via Sms

For locking UID the resident must have a 16 digit VID number and it is required for locking. if a resident doesn’t have VID can generate the VID through SMS service or Resident Portal.

SMS service GVID space last 4 or 8 digit of UID SMS to 1947. EX –GVID 5678

3. Locking Biometrics in Adhaar

There is another option with an Adhaar holder is to lock his biometrics. Biometric locking and unlocking is a service which allows an Adhaar holder to lock and temporarily unlock their biometrics. This aims to strengthen the privacy and confidentiality of resident biometrics data.

Procedure to lock biometrics in Adhaar

1. Open the Resident Portal, First Go to My adhaar then Visit Adhaar Service

2. Click on lock/Unlock Biometrics.

3. Now enter Your Adhaar Or VID number and capcha code.

4. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.

5. Enter the OTP and Submit.

6 Now your Biometrics will be locked.

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