Google New Feature-You can easily find best educational resources directly in search


Google is adding new feature which will help its users to find the best educational resource. It will add practice problems. The educational resource will test students’ knowledge of chemistry, Maths and physics directly in search engine. For Example if a student is searching for chemical Bond practice problems learning resources from third party providers like Gradeup,Kahoot,vedantu will open up for the students to solve and practice before exams. Google is also planning for a partnership with the other service providers like tiger algebra Math way   which can help the users to solve their maths equations from the Google search engine.

Additional support will also be given to solve complex problems of Science, technology engineering and Maths from the Google search engine which will provide a detailed explanation of the Topic and providing targeted resources of the complex subjects

Previous month one more additional feature of the Google search was also introduced by which a user can get more information about a website prior visiting it. Google confirmed that a description of the website in the Wikipedia will be given before opening the website. In case any website will not have a Wikipedia page then the users will get additional text which is available with the Google when the person first indexes the page.

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