All you need to know about Travel sickness and its effects on Body

travel sickness

If you are facing Travel sickness while going on a long trip your enjoyable trip can be hampered as a result. We all know that road trips are stressful and uncomfortable if you suffer from travel sickness. You can have nauseous feeling, Light headedness and vomiting any time. This kind of sickness you can feel on cars, buses train’s airplanes and boats.

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Symptoms of Travel sickness

1. Vomiting and nausea

2. Dizziness

3. Cold sweats

4. Exhaustion

5. Balance issues

Tips you can follow to get immediate relief

1. Look at the horizon- you have to focus on a stationary object in the distance to get away of that motion sickness. You may need to move positions in the vehicle in which you are travelling.

2. Get fresh air- if you are feeling too much exhausted if the weather is good open the window and get fresh air inside the car and if the weather is against you turn the air wends toward you and consider using a fan to blow air on your face. You will immediately feel relived from exhaustion.

3. Drink lots of water – if you drink sips of cold water or have some carbonated drinks like ginger ale it will help to curb nausea. Skin having coffee or sodas which will contribute to dehydration and your nausea will get worse. You can also have apple juice or milk.

4. Cut down your screen time- if you are suffering from motion sickness you will definitely face problem in reading books or watching videos or even texting anybody. These things will make your sickness worse. so switch to audio books , music or you can have a nap to time pass it will definitely help in getting rid of motion sickness.

You can prevent travel sickness by following some instructions before journey starts

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1. Always avoid a heavy meal before going or during travel. Eat small portions of food between the journeys. Avoid having spicy, acidic or oily food during travel.

2. If you feel sick lie down and relax

3. Take medicine of travel sickness one hour before the journey starts.

4. Sit at the front seat of a car or bus or close to the window.

5. You can distract yourself with music or conversation.

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